Our Approach

Ben Edmonds of We Sort
Ben Edmonds, 2016

The ‘we’ in We Sort relates to the collaborative nature of our work. ‘We’ is actually just Ben.

Our work is led by the situation at hand and evolves as needs, budgets, time and context all become clear. Some clients approach us with written briefs and a full understanding of their options. Others simply know there are ways in which certain aspects of their livelihood could be better.

Ben has developed a wide and varied network of associates from his work over the last sixteen years. Their skills, capacity and experience add value to certain projects that require more than we can offer directly. Be that on complex web projects, brand identity refreshes, management accounts or studio fit-outs - we know some good people.

Flexibility is crucial in any exploratory arrangement. As such, our work can be ad hoc or ongoing, and set at either a fixed fee or as monthly, day or hourly rates. Our contact might be through face-to-face meetings, emails or phone calls - whatever fits with your schedule and your project's needs.

Ben's CV will give you a little bit more insight: