Responsive & User Focused Websites

The web is a pretty wonderful thing. Knowing how to leverage it for your benefit is a crucial step in optimising your business. We offer guidance, project management and development on websites and admin workflows, all underpinned by user experience and quality assurance standards.

This may be for a refresh of a website aimed at marketing your services, or advice on and implementation of web apps or systems to speed or automate your activities. We are keen on the cloud, hot on accessibility, and begin with simple solutions that can be enhanced further as required. We have experience in setting up and migrating to Google Apps, implementing back-up solutions, task lists & project management, and everyday use of mobile devices.

Responsive design

When it comes to your own site, we encourage you to be proud of what's likely to be your main shop window. We recommend a mobile-first and responsive design approach to ensure a fully functional and good looking site. Another way to say this is that every website should be: fast, functional & beaufiful. In the 21st century, this means something that does this on any device - Android or Apple, and beyond! This approach has been shown to save time and money during site construction and updates, and to improve performance and search engine ranking.

Gone are the days of desktops and laptops only. Visitors come to your site on a plethora of screens at all different shapes, sizes and capabilities. Research shows that many visitors even swap screens part way through a visit. Responsive design makes sense now as our best means to removing as many obstacles as possible to visitors reaching your content.

McCormack Joinery, bespoke cabinet makers

Responsive website shown at three screen sizes

— Project management & design through live, iterative prototypes
— Full build of website on Statamic (CMS)
— Responsive design & build
— Content strategy, population & migration
— Business development

Rothschild & Bickers, glassblowers

Responsive website shown on various devices

— Project management for a Wordpress site
— Responsive design consultancy
— Content creation, population & migration
— Business development

Jason Orton, photographer

Various views of in different sized web browsers

— Design through live, iterative, responsive prototypes
— Full build of website on Statamic (CMS)
— Use of various plugins for images. Full credits / colophon

The Makers of Things, short film series

Various views of in different sized web browsers

— Build of interations of live prototypes
— Completion of static, four-page website
— Responsive design consultancy

MUSTARD Architects

Various views of in different sized web browsers

— Design & build of one-page responsive site
— Conceived as a more elaborate holding page than their first site
— Displays imagery of their work
Device-agnostic, SEO & accessible / screen-reader friendly
Initial design & client's final site

Elly Wall Ceramics

Selected views of in different sized web browsers

— Design & build of one-page responsive site
— First website for a new business
— Visual style derived from Elly's work

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