About We Sort.

I am a small business consultant. We can work together to make your livelihood more enjoyable, and your business more profitable.

I help clients organise things. This includes exploring your version of success, writing your ambitions at a strategic level, honing the daily administrative tasks of a modern business, and ensuring you have a great website.

Ben Edmonds, consultant

Since 2009, I have worked with a variety of small, creative businesses across a few sectors: furniture, design, art, film, food and construction. From my CV and manifesto, you might come to understand that I’m a pragmatic optimist who believes in the power of discussion, iteration and milestones.

Before 2009, I had a number of roles in the furniture industry, worked in a bank’s call centre, managed logistics for a charity, did a degree in theatrical design, went to art school, and grew up on a dairy farm in Upstate New York. Figuring out sensible and efficient processes has always been a preoccupation, and now I’ve made that into my livelihood.

The ‘we’ in We Sort relates to the collaborative nature of the work we (you and I) can do together.

Where to begin?

I’m keen to meet with anyone who thinks their business can be better and that I might fit into that. Email or call and we’ll find a time.

We’ll start by taking an hour to get to know each other, and by getting somewhat specific about what problems and opportunities you face right now. Some clients approach me with written briefs and a rich understanding of some options – they are often seeking accountability. Others simply know there must be ways to improve certain aspects of the way they work. If you ask one of my clients, they’ll likely tell you that I ask a lot of questions – for both the big picture and the minutia.

If you’d like to then take the conversation further, I’ll write a proposal with what I understand at this point. This includes a scope of work, expectations on how we’ll proceed, fees and terms.

We’ll always start with some flexible hourly billing, but sometimes it makes sense to switch to a monthly rate where we have an expectation of time but that’ll ebb and flow.

Our contact may be through face-to-face meetings or workshops, emails or phone calls – whatever fits with your schedule and needs