About We Sort.

I am a small business consultant and together we can make your work more enjoyable, and your business more profitable.

I help clients organise all aspects of their business. This includes exploring and documenting your aims and ambitions at a strategic level, through to the daily administrative tasks of a modern business.

Due in part to my background in creative arts and manufacturing, many of my clients design and make things. This includes furniture, handblown glass lighting, typefaces and homes. However the core of my work is providing and perfecting the systems that support our work, which applies to any type of business. I also work with publishers, food producers and academics. Along with small businesses and freelancers, I also work with non-profit organisations and departments within larger companies.

How we work together will depend on the scope of the work and your budget. Typically we’ll start with a getting-to-know-each-other chat to establish where I can help. I’ll then provide you with a written proposal outlining how we can work together. Financially, I can bill hourly, by half or full days, or under an ongoing monthly retainer. Our contact may be through face-to-face meetings or workshops, emails or phone calls – whatever fits with your schedule and needs.

My work is led by the situation at hand and evolves as needs, budgets, time and context all become clear. Some clients approach me with written briefs and a full understanding of their options. Others simply know there must be ways to improve certain aspects of the way they work. If you ask one of my clients, they’ll likely tell you that I ask a lot of questions – both on the big picture and the small stuff.

Universally, there seem to be three fundamental realms which we are all striving to balance in our work – a Venn diagram of enjoyment, risk and profit. I will work with your company comprehensively to ensure you thrive in all three areas.