NB: This website has been superseded by a new brand and a new website at site described below was built Spring 2017 and was live until Spring 2019.

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When Theodore was founded, it had a holding page, but the team knew at some point they’d want/need a richer website. It would need to be backed by a CMS so they could quickly and easily add and edit the high volume of projects they work on. They had looked at hosted CMSs such as and However, they chose to commission a bespoke site to take advantage of the experience of a web professional, and to have more control over the design process.

Designing and building a bespoke site with multiple stakeholders can take some months, so an interim website was built over a 10 day period to kickstart the project. Built as a static one page site, this provided Theodore with a small, branded showcase of their work, enabled us to discuss what they need from a site in a simpler context, and eased the time pressure on launching the CMS website.

We then worked through a series of live prototypes to form the key page designs of the site that would then be built on a CMS called Statamic. Along with a few pages to explain who and what Theodore is as a company, the site is primarily focused on their work. Each project features a TV ad hosted on Vimeo, with the site loading the embedded videos on-demand to mitigate any performance loss caused by including a high number of iframes.

Pastel coloured homepage of simple website for Theodore music licensing.
Project listing from website for Theodore.