Workplace Co-operative 115

Workplace Co-operative 115 was my working home from 2012-2017. During that time I shared this space (that a few of the founding members designed and commissioned) with around twenty other designers and makers. My family and I moved from North London to Broadstairs though and this meant I had to resign my space.

The previous website – – was nearly ten years old and running on a very old version of Wordpress. The design was outdated as it pre-dated the proliferation of mobile phones and the structure of the site no longer suited the members’ needs. In particular there was a desire to be more outwardly focused and to explain more of how the co-op operated.

Having identified the need for the site to be replaced, we initially worked on a Jekyll + GitHub Pages codebase that would be hosted for free and allow for a reasonable amount of design control. However, as the project progressed it became clear that there was a desire to have server-side image processing and to have an easier user experience for website editors. We switched direction and choose to use Statamic – my CMS of choice. More about this site can be read on 115’s post from when it launched.

Homepage of with a picture of the workshop.
Screengrab of showing a history of the organisation.