Jon Spencer

Jon and I met in 2017 soon after I moved to East Kent with my family. I was looking for a new workspace as the commute to my previous one in London wouldn’t be feasible, and Jon was seeking a studiomate at The Shopfront. For the next 4 years we worked together in the same space, our kids (born a couple of weeks apart) played together, and where we could we collaborated. We talked a lot about work.

It was during this time that the nascent idea for rationalising Jon’s web presence was formed. Jon’s work straddles the artistic and the commercial and at that time, two distinct websites existed which separated these realms. But that’s not how clients or viewers understand Jon’s output; they overlap intentionally as a body of work.

website homepage with three project thumbnails.

Over the course of a couple of years — calmly protracted by a pandemic, family life and deliberations on organising ‘the work’ — we created this new site in phases. This subtle (and seemingly simple) design evolved organically along the way resulting in a portfolio that enables Jon to express and display his livelihood.

As a means of distinguishing projects, we allowed for a ‘key colour’ to be set for each page. This gives each project or post a background tint and the headline title something more than a heavy, large font.