To develop this company and this website I’ve had a lot of help.

Since the beginning I’ve discussed, considered, refined and tweaked the words, visual identity and marketing assets of We Sort. Getting this right ensures I’m proud of what We Sort is and how it operates, but more importantly it’s given our customers and colleagues a firm understanding of what I offer.

Brand identity

Stylo Design was instrumental in the early days by helping me find my name. I knew I wanted a separate business name to my own name, but it had to be practical, approachable and confident. They also created our logotype using the Dante typeface.

Dante Regular
.,’!?” @%& £$€ [({—})]

Darren Wall developed the visual identity which has remarkable flexibility. Using typography, grids, two colours and a system of overlapping patterns, the identity expresses some graphic style to compliment the services I offer. The patterns of the identity reflect the pragmatic, hand-on way I work and (hopefully) convey some personality. They include check, stripe, ticking and houndstooth and are applied on business cards and letterhead as two separate coloured stamps.

5 business cards for We Sort each with a different visual pattern
Raw patterns and the two scales of use
Blank letterhead as delivered from printer
Final letterhead using physical inked stamped