Setting the current expectation and allowing that to evolve as required.

Migrating domains

Businesses change their web domain for a number of reasons, but that change must be handled carefully.

Static vs. dynamic hosting

Websites must be on a server of some sort. Broadly, there are two types of hosting: "static" and "dynamic".

What is Git?

Git is software that tracks the changes to a set of files. It's used by software developers and intending as a way to ease collaboration.

Bespoke. Specifically, bespoke websites.

A custom built website can offer excellent value for a business as it is often their main shop window.

File names & file systems

Some tips for working with files. To make it easier when we create, view, find, edit, share, collaborate and store them.

What makes a 'good meeting'?

A focus on discussion, a clear purpose set of topics, and invitations to the right people.

A checklist for Squarespace

A few things to remember to do when building a site in Squarespace. Turn on SSL, set a custom favicon, and mind your slugs.

Images for websites

TL;DR = 2500px jpg with a 'good' filename.

Clean inbox

Clean Inbox or Inbox Zero is an approach that aims to minimise distraction and stress. The premise is the same as using a traditional paper inbox.

New websites

Websites are never done. They evolve from what's needed and what's achievable at the time. If you're not proud of your site, it's time for a change.

Thoughts on passwords

Treating passwords with respect and using a strategy will help avoid the pain of either catastrophic or low-grade password failures.

Time Planning & Tracking

An approach to planning and tracking time using Google Calendars with help from a 3rd Party web app.

What I like to use

Everyone has their own way of working and I have mine. This is an outline of the products, services and systems that work well for me.

Legacy URL redirects

When launching a new website, it is important to correctly handle the addresses from the previous site.

Converting files and images on the web

Some methods for preparing images for the web.