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Below is a full listing of web projects that I’ve worked on since 2009. These vary in scale, complexity, budget, timeline and visual style.

website showing examples of fitted furniture and some text.

One page site showing off beautiful and modern bespoke cabinetry
More info on b.cabinetry


Media archive which spans a century of films, photographs and ephemera from the work of Peter Davis.
More info on Villon Films

set of photos showing colourful details of buildings.

Portfolio and online store for a Margate artist, photographer and graphic designer.
More info on Jon Spencer


A new site for New Fonts. What started out as a re-platforming project, developed into a wider scope for a more powerful site.
More info on Newlyn, a rebuild

Bright pink website for Rinsed hair salon with photos of customer's hair.

Grace colours and cuts hair. When she recently set up on her own, she needed a simple website to show what she does.
More info on Rinsed


A portfolio website for Peter Salem, an internationally recognised composer for ballet and screens.
More info on Peter Salem


A wiki-style website that describes and analyses the last four decades of Australian Indigenous media.
More info on Satellite Dreaming Revisited

playful blue screen with

Flex is revolutionising how employers find the right candidates and how job seekers can show off what they’re really capable of. They do this with gaming data.
More info on Flex

website screenshot: Anne Rothenstein, painting of woman smoking.

Anne Rothenstein is a fine artist working in paint and collage as well as providing regular covers for The London Review of Books.
More info on Anne Rothenstein

screenshot of project pricing web app showing rows and figures.

Confidently calculate project costs and prices by adding up time and materials.
More info on Trifle


Portfolio and shop for artist Tom Hammick’s artwork.
More info on Hammick Editions

webpage listing graphic design services.

Quick portfolio site for a regular collaborator.
More info on Sophie Gibson


Euzen provide nutritional courses, coaching and support. I built this site with Stylo Design.
More info on Euzen

website showing artist podcast episode. screenshot..

Website and workflow for a podcast about artists and their materials.
More info on Materially Speaking


Portfolio website for designers and makers of bespoke cabinets and furniture.
More info on Constructive and Co

Homepage of Jim Dixon Tiling with diagonal lines.

A quick project to create the first website for a new tiling business.
More info on Jim Dixon

digital advent calendar with 01-11 revealed and 12-16 hidden.

Microsite for the holidays to accompany Price & Myers rebranding and new website.
More info on Advent for Price & Myers

homepage of Emma Bennett's website.

Portfolio site for fine artist working with dark oil paints to create rich still lifes.
More info on Emma Bennett

Screenshot of Darren Wall's homepage revealing some projects.

Art director, publisher and graphic designer Darren Wall’s portfolio website.
More info on Darren Wall

bright purple website showing fonts.

Project management for logo and type designer Miles Newlyn’s portfolio and ecommerce site built on Wordpress.
More info on Newlyn

Homepage of with a picture of the workshop.

Brochure website with a CMS for a co-operative workspace in Kentish Town, London. I worked here between 2012-2017.
More info on Workplace Co-operative 115


Two websites for a firm of architects and surveyors. Starting with the single page and then evolving into a full portfolio site.
More info on Edwards Wilson

Screenshot of A Profound Waste of Time website showing two magazine covers.

A Profound Waste of Time is a magazine on video game culture that was initially launched as a Kickstarter campaign.
More info on APWOT

homepage of Stephen Toal with a dark blue background and bit of white type.

​A “business card” site for a PR and marketing consultant. Created primarily to accompany the email address they use.​
More info on Stephen Toal

Screenshot of Lizzie Firbank's white and orange website.

Colourful brochure site created in a half-day for a freelance administrator and personal assistant.
More info on Lizzie Firbank

homepage of Matt Vine with dark background and light type.

A “business card” site for a press relations consultant. Created primarily to accompany the email address they use.
More info on Matt Vines Consulting

Website screenshot of journalist & writer Sophie Morris showing an array of thumbnail images.

Food and lifestyle journalist portfolio and blog. Sophie is also my wife.
More info on Sophie Morris

Homepage of ABN7 Architects with a greyscale design.

Portfolio website built on a flat file CMS to replace a site built with iWeb which could no longer be edited.
More info on ABN7 Architects

homepage of Leonie Stebbing with a white background and bright pink accents.

Static site for a social media and customer service consultant working from Margate.
More info on Leonie Stebbing

Pastel coloured homepage of simple website for Theodore music licensing.

Design and build of a portfolio site to showcase the music they source and license for advertising agencies.
More info on Theodore


Sometimes it’s useful to have your name as a website.
More info on Ben Edmonds

Zoe Mills homepage with a headshot and some text.

​A single page website for actress and writer Zoe Mills which has replaced an out-dated and uneditable Joomla site.​
More info on Zoe Mills

Screenshot of McCormack Joinery's homepage.

Image led site for bespoke furniture makers who had outgrown a site built on a template.
More info on McCormack Joinery

Desktop screenshot of documentary film series The Makers of Things.

Four film documentary series by director Anne Hollowday about The Society for Model and Experimental Engineers.
More info on The Makers of Things

Screenshot of simple website with text and two images.

Open source website template for a simple site. Static, responsive, fast and no build process.
More info on Simple site

Homepage of Red + White Architects showing an array of projects.

Portfolio website for an architectural firm working primarily on residential developments in Greater London.
More info on Red+White

Screenshot of theatre company Word Mills' website.

Four page static site for theatrical production company.
More info on Word Mills

Screenshot of glassblowing studio Rothschild & Bickers' website showing a glass shade being made.

Project management for multiple versions of portfolio site showcasing handblown glass lighting.
More info on Rothschild & Bickers website

Her name on the page with a neon glow when you hover.
More info on Rosa Harris Edmonds

Wilder furniture designers and makers homepage.

Responsive ‘reskin’ of an existing website for designers and makers of bespoke furniture and kitchens.
More info on Wilder

Screenshot of Elly Wall Ceramics website as it appears on a desktop screen.

Single page site for a ceramicist with navigation links ‘jumping’ visitors down the page.
More info on Elly Wall

Homepage of Mustard Architects.

Portfolio site with a CMS which was preceded by an interim site during development.
More info on Mustard Architects

Homepage of Clean Bean showing a packaged block of tofu.

A supremely basic site for an organic tofu maker working from a small kitchen in East London.
More info on Clean Bean

Screenshot of photographer Jason Orton's homepage as it appears on a desktop screen.

Portfolio website for a photographer working solely with medium format film.
More info on Jason Orton

Screenshot of Fashion Monster website.

Tumblr theme for a crowdsourced book by Thames & Hudson and Dr Noki.
More info on Fashion Monster

Screenshot of journalist Rebecca Armstrong's website.

Single page text-only site for a journalist
More info on Rebecca Armstrong

Homepage of Laura McDermott.

Single page text-only site created in two hours for an arts producer.
More info on Laura McDermott

Screenshot of Lisa Gornick's previous website.

Single page text-only site for an artist and filmmaker.
More info on Lisa Gornick


Static website created for a classical pianist using embedded Soundcloud players.
More info on Emiko Miura


My own site and all the sites that lead to this one.
More info on We Sort.

Site by others.